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Study Feasibility

  • Feasibility Assessment for Clinical trials.
  • Focus on the number of eligible patients by site and patient flow, which could help sponsor to select sites based on real situation and generate effective strategy.

Patient Recruitment

  • Providing patients recruitment service for trials during all stages, to achieve faster recruitment on one stop service.
  • Approach patients and referral doctors through multiple channels.

Patient Retention

  • A patient retention e-solution tool delivers study appointment reminders, visit overviews, study-specific resources, and education for patients.

E-solution- Drug Hunter

  • Connect patients to clinical trials.
  • An update and easy to search clinical trial information services platform for patients. —— Drug Hunter

CRC Service

  • Eploy CRCs to sites, who are responsible for assisting investigator to screen patients, manage project, data entry and more. Collaboration with the recruitment team for better trail progress management and patient retention
  • Conduct survey