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Case study

Asthma Patients Recruitment

Jsure recommended 130 patients signed ICF within 12 months. Channel: combined off-line referral with on-line recruit to reach the target. PRS visit doctors to recommend; Community pre-screening; Newspaper advertisements, etc.

Head and Neck Cancer Patients Recruitment

Head and Neck Cancer, 310 patients were screened and 72 patients signed consent form. Channels: newspaper ad, hospital visit, seminar, on-line ad etc.

Hepatitis C Patients Recruitment & CRC Service

To obtain 150 informed consents within 10 days months for an untreated HCV study.Channel: Short timeline with large target. Expanded off-line recruitment including visit hospital, blood station, etc. Combined with in-hospital database screening.

Crohn Disease Patients Recruitment

Obtained 58 Crohn Disease patients signed ICF within 9 months. Through multiple channels to reach patients, including newspaper ads, online ads, hospital visits and health awareness campaigns, bringing about greater public attention of Crohn Disease and potential treatment options.